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Another Violation On Harden For Scootin In The Lane: Scares Off Jimmy Butler?

Everyone in the NBA knows Butler was looking for a “stay in your lane” type of teammate and after inking a 4 Year $142 Million deal with Miami just days after this picture was taken, it’s safe to say this misstep by Harden did not do the Rockets any favors in the J-But sweepstakes. Also a pretty tough look yesterday having Anthony Davis waive a $4 million trade kicker for the opportunity to play with LeBron, while Harden was out in China getting waived down by police. 

Regardless, where is CP3 during all of this? Banana boating with LeBron? He definitely wasn’t at El Tiempo sipping margs and eating queso with Jimmy. The lack of effort to recruit a super max player by our two stars is alarming and unfortunately says a lot in them wanting to finish their careers in Houston. 

Side note: Did AD waive the $4 million trade kicker because Lebron promised him $5 million for a role in Space James 2? Makes you think.

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