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Better IG Model: DeAndre Hopkins Or His Hacker?

Fox: Houston Texans star DeAndre Hopkins had his Instagram account hacked Wednesday, as an unidentified bad actor reportedly flooded the wide receiver’s page with photos of a model.

The account’s name was switched to Kardelen Toprak and photos of the model were being posted on the account with some of the captions in Turkish and some of the comments turned off, according to the Houston Chronicle. Later, Hopkins acknowledged his account was hacked. “Instagram got hacked,” Hopkins said in a video. “I ain’t never felt this happy to have Instagram back, but you know what? It’s a beautiful day.”

Let’s go to the tape.

Hair: No argument here, DeAndre without a doubt has her in the hair department. Dreads for days.

 Facial Features: Fairly close but I’m going to give this to Kardelen.  Hazel eyes are going to give you the win on a close call every time.

Pecs: There is no doubt DeAndre has done a lot to get himself in a position this off-season to win here but Ds are Ds. Kardelen takes this in a landslide.

Clout: Last season DeAndre had 115 REC, 1,572 YDS and 11 TDs. I have no fucking clue who Kardelen is. I think she’s Russian? A  quick google search of her produces absolutely nothing. That’s just not going to cut it. 1,500 YDS is just to damn strong. DeAndre takes clout. 

Abs: Not a ton of footage to go off here. I can’t even see Kardelen’s belly button. I don’t know if she has an inny or an outty? Obviously, if it’s an outty I’m going to be outty on Kardelen. Due to lack of footage, I have to go with DeAndre.


DeAndre: 3 Kardelen: 2

A nice preseason win for DeAndre, let’s see if he can take this momentum into the season.


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