San Antonio Spurs

Did The Spurs Win Free Agency Signing Marcus Morris?

No. Absolutely fucking not. But here is the deal, you bring in a guy like Marcus for late in the season. He’s a gritty playoff guy that almost every team in the league would want come May. Last playoffs he was averaging 14 PPG, 8 rebounds , 51% FG and 45% 3pts. Those are solid numbers for a guy that absolutely no one but a crazy Spurs fan is talking about. Marcus is definitely not going to move the needle, Pop gets that and I can assure you he does not care. Per usual, this FA for the Spurs was not about making headlines, it was about building a team that will be tough as hell come playoffs. Not to mention they also added DeMarre Carroll. Ten years and eight teams later the guy is still bringing in 11 PPG and 5 Rebounds every time he takes the floor. A solid role player who knows his role. Despite what you may I think, I’m not the only one who loves the move. Let ’em hear it Skip: