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Caden Sterns Will Not Be In Attendance At Next Weeks Big 12 Media Day

First of all, I love media day because it means football is back. Not saying Texas is Back, just simply saying football is back. Now in regard to the players Texas is choosing to send, it’s pretty disappointing they’re not going to send Caden Sterns. This past week he and A&M safety Leon O’Neal Jr made headlines with a little back and forth on twitter.

It would have been interesting to hear from Caden about the twitter “beef” and see how he composes himself with the media. Up to this point, Caden has handled himself as well as anyone could in the situation. Especially considering he is without a doubt a better player at this point in their careers. He knows it and the stats know it:

Caden Sterns: Big 12 Defensive Freshman of the Year, First team All-Big 12, 6 Total Tackles (46 solo) and 4 interceptions.

Leon O’Neal Jr: 14 Total Tackles (8 solo) and 1 interception.

I mean Caden is not just better than Leon, he may just be the best safety in college football.

PS: Over/Under on the amount times Sam is asked “Is Texas Back?” at media day? 2.5? Clearly, you have to take the Over. Although I doubt Sam will take the bait and answer the question, especially if Coach Herman has any say. You never know with our boy Sam though.

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