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How Big Of An Idiot Is My Friend Rick For Betting Me Ehlinger Won’t Go Top Three Rounds When Drafted?

Huge. As dumb as they come. Sure it’s only $200 at stake but he made the bet AFTER Ehlinger won the Sugar Bowl MVP. I even tried to show him the Colt v. Ehlinger stats thru two seasons and he still wouldn’t budge. Fast forward to now and Ehlinger is constantly being grouped with Trevor Lawrence, Tua Tagovailoa and Jalen Hurts. I’m not just talking Fox Sports NCAA Football game cover.

According to the latest Heisman odds from the Las Vegas Westgate Superbook Ehlinger is now a 20-to-1 favorite to win the Heisman. Only four players in the country are getting better odds: Jonathan Taylor (16-to-1), Jalen Hurts (8-to-1), Trevor Lawrence (7-to-2) and Tua Tagovailoa (5-to-2).

Tough look for my friend, Rick. Guy went to UT. Born and raised in Austin. And is now betting against Austin’s own Ehlinger? During his SOPHMORE offseason nonetheless? So the question is, how big of an idiot is Rick?

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