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A Star Is Born? Rate Emmitt Smith Jr. Highlight Video

When you’re Emmitt Smith’s son the genes are going to be there. So not shocking he’s good. Just like it wasn’t exactly shocking when my 5’9 dad and 5’1 mom produced an average JV player. Also, the name Emmitt Smith Jr is definitely going to get you looks. Andrew Robertson, not so much. But regardless of genes and name, there’s a lot of kids of star athletes who do not have the work ethic or desire to be great. This does not seem to be the case with Emmitt Jr. Racking up 3,277 yards and 50 TDS as a sophomore and junior in HS is fucking solid. Offers from Bama, Florida and Ohio State also validates he’s not just hype, he’s the real deal. The only question now is whether Jerry drafts him in the 2024 draft?