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Breaking: Harden Has A Fever

Soccer fever, man. Everyone has it after watching the USWNT kick ass these past few weeks. As to Harden’s game, I guess it translates pretty well across the pond. Little effort on D, quick to celebrate, decent footwork and always firing shots:

You think Russ is in London with him? Probably not. You think Harden is trying to show off to Russ with these videos? Probably not. Which leads to the next question, does anyone hate recruiting more than Harden? Seriously. I would love just to see one video of Harden and Russ at El Tiempo sippin a marg and eating queso. Unfortunately, that isn’t happening anytime soon with Harden all the way in fucking London while our guy Daryl is scrambling to get this deal done. Hopefully Daryl can make it happen before Harden takes his game overseas permanently.

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