Houston Texans

What If I Told You The Best General Manager The Texans Ever Had Was No General Manager At All?

NFL.com: Following their bungled pursuit of New England Patriots personnel man Nick Caserio, the Houston Texans appear to be wading into the 2019 season without a general manager.

Houston has been proceeding as if it won’t hire a GM ahead of the 2019 campaign, NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero reported Wednesday.

Pelissero reported that if the price for Caserio (draft compensation, likely) does not come down, Houston is poised to “wait it out,” meaning going the entire 2019 season without someone in the building holding the general manager title.

The Patriots filed tampering charges against the Texans last month after Houston attempted to whisk Caserio away from New England. Caserio’s contract with the Patriots is up following the 2020 draft, and the only way for Houston to obtain Caserio’s services is via trade. While there were trade talks between New England and Houston immediately after the Pats brought tampering charges, no deal was finalized, and the Texans abandoned their pursuit of Caserio — for now.

In the meantime, Texans coach Bill O’Brien, executive vice president of team development Jack Easterby and others will enjoy more personnel responsibilities, Pelissero added.

Talk about making a splash in the GM game! Just saying nah fuck it we’ll get a GM next year is quite the play. Especially for a team that has Super Bowl expectations. And why shouldn’t they? Won the AFC South last year, have a top QB, THE best receiver in the league and argubably the best past rush in the league. Just no GM. I mean it’s football, it’s not like players get hurt and we’ll need to go out and make moves during the season!

Also, is anyone more obsessed with the Patriots than Bill O’Brien? Besides the fact he spent five seasons with the Pats, during his five years with the Texans essentially everyone he has hired is a former Patriot’s staffer: Romeo Crennel, Mike Vrabel, Larry Izzo, Wes Welker and most recently, Easterby.