Houston Rockets

The Number 1 Overall Pick Is Now A Rocket

Under the cover of night, Daryl strikes again. The first overall pick (2013) Anthony Bennett is now a Rocket. Simply the best.

People are going to say Bennett is washed up, a shell of himself. A bust. But does this manifesto from his time playing last year for the Agua Caliente Clippers of Ontario NBA G League scream bust to you?

Yeah, didn’t think so. “He is becoming the exceptionally elite finisher rather than the inefficient creator.” The manifestos words, not mine. Stats don’t lie either. 42.2% from thee point range! 12 points and 4 board per game! Board man gets paid. And Bennett is now getting paid. Here’s his 2018-19 highlight reel and you can see just why we are going to pay the man.

Capela, Chandler and Bennett down low. Power trio? I think so. With Russ and Harden shooting every possession you got to have the biggest boys in the league rebounding for them. Now, we have just that. Daryl, man


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