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Bad News For Dak And His Contract Negotiations

81?! Yikes. Last week, I wrote how Dak was not willing to take a team friendly contract. He wants to be paid like one of the big dogs (Brees, Wilson, Rodgers). Then, yesterday, Madden goes and drops the Madden20 ratings. Not good for our boy Dak. For those of you at home, who don’t know anything about contract negotiations, let me explain something. You do NOT get 4YR/$85Million contract with an overall 81 madden rating. Just doesn’t happen:

Russell Wilson (91 rating): 4YR/$87.6 million

Aaron Rodgers (90 rating): 5YR$110 million

Dress Brees (92 rating): 2YR/$50 million

Dak Prescott (81 rating): ?????

Looks like we may be getting that team friendly deal after all!

Also, is it Patrick Mahomes world and we’re just living in it? Sure as hell seems so. This guy is fucking everywhere right now, including the Madden20 Cover.

Image result for madden 20

He also has the Number 1 Madden QB rating. As for Dak, he didn’t even sniff the top 10:


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