Old Face Challenge: Top Players In Texas

It’s 2039: Kevin Durant has had his number retired at Texas, won 10 NBA championships with 7 different teams and uses over 3,500 burner accounts.

Year 2052: James Harden is 62 yrs old and has not left the strip club since winning the 2020 NBA Championship. The Finals MVP that year went to Russell Westbrook. An upset James Harden left the court that day and swore he would never dribble a basketball again.

Year 2069: Ezekiel Elliott is 73 yrs old, has 1 playoff win, 1 League MVP, 1 sailboat and No WiFi.

Year 2047: DeAndre Hopkins is 55 yrs old, and still plays for the Houston Texans. He now has 3 super bowl rings, 1,100,000 total yards receiving, 7,400 TDS and 350,000 catches. Did pick up vaping though.

Year 3019: Matthew McConaughey is 149 yrs old and just livin’ man.

Got any we should add? Let us know down below.