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Peyton Manning Takes Shots At Two Time American Century Championship Winner Tony Romo

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For those living under a rock, this past Sunday Tony Romo won the American Century Championship Golf Tournament. Back to back wins at the event for Tony. This even led to speculation that Tony may currently be the best golfer in the state of Texas.

Well known loser, Peyton Manning, couldn’t stand not being the most talked about retired QB. So, he did what any jealous asshole would do and tried to bash Romo after the win:

105.3 The Fan: Manning, 43, reportedly turned down a job as a Monday Night Football analyst because he didn’t want to analyze Eli Manning’s play. Manning is open to being a broadcaster one day but said “it’s just not the right time for me.”

Manning, who has said yes to certain projects in retirement and no to others, went on to say:

I saw where Tony Romo said that he always knew that he wanted to be a broadcaster. Well, I always knew I wanted to be a football player. That’s all I knew. I was all-in on that job. I didn’t think about anything else while I was playing. And I think that’s a good way to be. I think you’ve got to be all-in on what you’re doing.

Ummm Peyton? Did all those concussions make you forget about the 10,000+ Papa Johns and All State commercials you did while playing? Or all the Papa John franchises you bought while still playing? I know I always used to asked myself when watching you play, “how much better could Peyton be if he wasn’t so focused on making commercials and buying Papa John franchises?”

Romo had a chance to respond to Manning on Wednesday:

“I actually hadn’t heard those comments. I like to tunnel the little bubble I live in. But, ultimately, that’s something I never actually said,” Romo said. “I didn’t start thinking about being a broadcaster until I was contemplating retirement. And so at that point, then you’re going to start thinking about your next stage. 

“Like anything, when you’re playing football it’s all-consuming. Literally, nothing else (matters) … when you go off to training camp you don’t even know what’s happening in the world. I feel like right now it’s also still a little bit of that being a broadcaster. I love it, I enjoy it. But I think that was never apart of the mindset when you’re playing football. I mean, that would be silly to say you were thinking about something like that.

“I’m done playing, I’m in broadcasting and golf, and say, ‘hey, if we’re going to do this let’s not be average, let’s try and be really good at this.’ And that’s the next mindset you do. For me, it would be hard for me to sit back and say ‘oh, I’m pretty good.’ That’s not my mental makeup.”