Austin Longhorns

Haters Everywhere

Click2Houston – It seems that the University of Texas has the most rival schools in the nation.

That’s according to which has ranked college sports teams that have the most rivals. And what would you know, the Longhorns are a rival to the most teams with 11. Duke comes in second with 7.i

Interesting read. This study points out that 11 schools consider the Texas Longhorns their primary rival. This was more than any other school. The next school was Duke (basketball) with seven.

While the study does not reveal the eleven schools, I think I have a pretty good idea of who they are.

Right off the bat, it’s the entire Big 12 from Top Dog OU (Texas leads the all time series 62-47-5) to perennial bottom feeder Kansas (they beat Texas ONE time and all of a sudden think it’s a legit rivalry). That’s 9. Obvious Little Brother Texas A&M makes 10. And the eleventh school— Arkansas. SMH @ two SEC schools thumping their chest outwardly with conference pride, but deep down, forever eying the Horns.

Honestly, I’m surprised it’s only 11. I would think it’s closer to all 129 FBS schools. Like Omar said— “You come at the King, you best not miss”.