Houston Rockets

Is Yao The GOAT?

When the Rockets drafted Yao I was obsessed. My grandma (shoutout Mimi) got me his jersey and without a doubt it was the number 1 piece of clothing I wore from 2002-2003. Big middle school dance? Yao jersey. Friends Birthday party at Blazer Tag? Yao jersey. Funeral? Yao jersey. First day of school? Yao jersey. Last day of school? Yao jersey. The Yao jersey was all-terrain. Could go anywhere. And for those wondering, it was the old school jersey too:

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If you haven’t been lucky enough to go to Yao’s Chinese restauant in Htown, go this weekend. You will not regret it.

Pro Order: Sesame chicken, fried rice, three egg rolls, hot + sour soup and two fortune cookies.

Pro Tip: Ask to see Yao’s private room. He has this big ass custom table in the back that is like 5 feet tall. Only a 7’ 6” GOAT would have a five foot tall custom table at his chinese food restaurant that he named after himself. Everyone knows that.