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Zeke Will Reportedly Miss Training Camp To Travel The Cowboys report for camp in five days. Running back Ezekiel Elliott may or may not be there. Per a league source, Elliott currently is believed to be making plans for a trip out of the country.

After PFT reported that Elliott is privately saying he intends to hold out absent a new contract, Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports explained on Monday that it will be an important week between team and player, and that things could go “sideways fast.”

How do we not know Zeke doesn’t have a bunch of PTO saved up that he’s trying to use before 2020? Any one with a corporate job knows PTO is priceless and there is nothing worse than being shamed for using it. Is this what the Cowboys are trying to do? Shame this man for using his paid time off? Bullshit if you ask me.

People may argue Zeke used a lot of his PTO in 2017. But PTO is PTO. Until it expires you should be able to use it. You shouldn’t have to worry about your bosses or talking heads calling you out for it. We sure won’t put you on blast at TexasTakes. We’re big PTO people here. Live your life, Zeke. And bring me back a pooka shell necklace please.


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