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Did Kirk Herbstreit Just Cost Texas The National Championship?

Image result for kirk herbstreit funny During Wednesday’s early-morning taped segment on SportsCenter, Herbstreit joined Chris Falica and Stanford Steve in a roundtable discussion on who they’d pick as a national championship darkhorse based on preseason odds.

“I love to go to the Kentucky Derby and I’m a horse racing guy, so I hate the favorite,” Herbstreit said. “So in this case, I’m trying to beat the favorite. Because of that, I see value with Texas at 20/1. With (Sam) Ehlinger coming back, he’s got enough weapons led by Collin Johnson. I think this team can make some noise and there’s very good chance they go to Dallas against Oklahoma undefeated. “If they’re able find a way to win it, look out, because Texas can be one of those teams to keep an eye on.

Did Kirk just cost Texas the National Championship? He did, didn’t he? I mean there is just no way in January I’m writing the headline “Kirk Herbstreit Picked The NCAA Champion In JULY”. No fucking way that article is written. It’s a shame too because I really liked where we were at as a team. A little disrespected. LSU favorited (-3.5) against us even though the game is in Austin. Ehlinger declaring he is going dark on social media during the season. A tiny, ex OU QB, talking shit about our QB1. Caden Sterns not getting in twitter wars. This entire off season has had the makings of a championship run. Then Kirk goes out and puts on blast. Fuck you, Kirk. Keep my team of your lips! In a days work, Kirk probably caused us to go from 20/1 to 200/1. What an asshole.

Also, how about Kirk just throwing out that he summers at the Kentucky Derby. Cool, Kirk. Congrats. Maybe put on some sun screen next time you go:

Image result for kirk herbstreit funny

With that said, Im still taking us to win the Ship. Why? Ehlinger.


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