Astros Houston

Do Astros Have The Smartest Fan Base In The MLB?

Sure seems like it. At minimum, we’re smarter than the A’s. And the A’s are basically in Silicon Valley.

Silicon valley is where all the smart people are located. So, naturally that would point to the A’s being the smartest team in the league. But this Astro kid just mentally stomped the As and their dugout. Which would then make the Stros number 1 in the brains dept? I always knew I was smart and so assumed our fan base was smart. This kid solidifies it.

Also, cant stop thinking, did he bring an A’s jersey to the game just for this purpose? Was it really premeditated? Or was he at the game, couldn’t get a ball, went to the giftshop, bought an A’s jersey and pulled this? Either way, a legendary move. But if it was premeditated, this kid is an actual genius and probably a little pyscho. Which is a good spot to be in when you’re 12 years old. Lot of options.

At the end of the day, it’s just an honor to be part of the most intelligent fanbase in the MLB.