Houston Texans

What Does JJ Watt Get Paid To Do?

JJ, don’t sell yourself short, my man. You’re more than just a tackler:

Do 3 catches, 3 TDS and 5 yrds on just 4 targets not mean anything to you? Those are HOF receiving numbers. Start acting like it.

Also, do I need to remind you that you moonlight as a philanthropist?

For real though, JJ has gotten his fair share of hate and criticism. I personally was always disappointed the star of our team seemed like such a wet blanket hardo. But over the last three years, he’s gone from a guy I thought probably chugged O’Doul’s and didn’t eat queso because he found the texture off-putting to someone who is climbing fast on the big board of top 5 people I’d want to drink a beer with (Denzel Washington, Stevie Nicks, Tom Hanks, Coach O and Yao Ming).

I know it got a lot of press when JJ first started raising money for Hurricane Harvey victims ($43.6 MILLION total) but three years later we are seeing the results and it’s fucking awesome. If you believe in karma, you may consider taking the 30/1 Texans Super Bowl odds.