Houston Rockets

The Russell Westbrook Party

Just some bros busting balls about how wrinkly Russโ€™s shirt is.

Guys worth like $200 million, probably should invest in an ironer? Canโ€™t wear a dirty, wrinkly shirt to the first day of school. If you do, your boys are going to make fun of you. Canโ€™t fault Harden for doing just that.

Moving on. Letโ€™s check in on Deshaun for his thoughts on Russell coming to H-Town. Deshaun:

Beautifully said.

Now, this is the part of the day where Harden kinda comes off as the crazy new girlfriend. But I love, love. So, I didnโ€™t mind it.

Russ gets asked a billion questions and nails all of them:

My press credentials were lost in the mail, so, I wasnโ€™t able to ask a question. But if I could have, I would ask what the people are wondering โ€œRuss, are going to El Tiempo or Molinas tonight?โ€ Pretty sure I know the answer though:

What a party, man. Until, next time:


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