Houston Rockets

The Aftermath Of The Russell Westbrook Party

What a fucking party yesterday. But like all good parties, there’s always going to be the aftermath.

First, you have the person who gets all up in their feelings about not getting invited. In this case, that guy was Andre Iguodala. All reports over the last few weeks have said Iggy wants to be a Rocket, but unfortunately for Iggy, he is currently signed with the Memphis Grizzlies after being traded from Golden State this off-season. The Grizzlies know he’s a prized role player and are basically holding him ransom. The rumors are the Grizzlies are asking for a first-round pick in return for Iggy, which of course is high ask for the Rockets considering the deal would also cause them to go over the luxury tax.

Late last night, after watching the party go down without him, Iggy tweets out this:

This goes to show, no matter how old or rich you are, not getting invited to a party sucks. Just ask, Iggy.

Next, we have the host of the party with new found confidence through the roof. Just DMing and following all the popular kids:


Come on, James. Don’t act so desperate. Play it cool, my man.

Then, we have the ex who is trying to act like they had better shit to do and that’s why they were a no show. Enter Royce Young, ex-OKC beat writer and current ESPN writer. This dude covered Westbrook for ten years and just can’t quit.

Dude doesn’t even cover OKC anymore and just refuses to write about anything other than Westbrook. Royce, you’re coming off crazy, man. Maybe throw in a Zion Williamson article or something.

That’s it for not now but I can assure you I’ll be back to cover the Rockets 2020 Championship party and the aftermath that follows.