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What Is Zeke Doing In Cabo Right Now? We Got The Answers And The Leaked Footage

My sources have told me there are five (5) reasons why Zeke went to Cabo today. All of which seem very reasonable, so, people need to R-E-L-A-X.

1. He wanted to brush up on his Spanish before the season starts. Can’t fault the guy for wanting to learn, after all #KnowledgeIsPower. And with NFL defenses becoming smarter than ever and constantly stealing play calls, being bilingual in today’s game is HUGE.

2. He’s celebrating Dak’s 26th Birthday for Dak since Dak is at training camp.

Are we really going to get mad at Zeke for being a good friend and teammate? In my opinion, it’s a classy move by Zeke and one that more RBs should consider.

3. Eating queso. Everyone knows Zeke loves eating liquid foods like soup and cereal, so, no surprise he’s out in Mexico trying to track down the world’s best queso. Although, he could have just saved a flight and gone to Matts El Rancho in Austin, Texas.

4. He wanted to do his training in a scenic location. Pretty sure we all rather do our job from the beaches of Cabo San Lucas than the office or Oxnard, California. Also, statistics say if you enjoy your work environment you are more likely to be productive. Smart move by Zeke here. Talk about #ViewsFromTheOffice

5. Using his saved up PTO before it is set to expire in 2020. Anyone with a corporate job knows PTO is priceless and there is nothing worse than being shamed for using it. Is this what the Cowboys are trying to do? Shame this man for using his paid time off? Bullshit if you ask me. People may argue Zeke used a lot of his PTO in 2017. But PTO is PTO. Until it expires you should be able to use it. You shouldn’t have to worry about your bosses or talking heads calling you out for it. We sure won’t put you on blast at TexasTakes. We’re big PTO people here. Live your life, Zeke. And bring me back a pooka shell necklace please.