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Zeke And The Cowboys Are Finally On The Same Page A Frisco man says the Dallas Cowboys interfered with the Frisco Police Department’s investigation into a traffic accident after his car was struck by running back Ezekiel Elliott, according to a court document filed Tuesday. 

The court filing says that Dallas Cowboys employees tried to influence the investigation of a crash and mask its severity to ensure Elliott didn’t miss a game. The filing added the Cowboys to a lawsuit filed last year against Elliott by Ronnie Barnard Hill regarding the Jan. 11, 2017, crash.

“While Hill was trying to compose himself and access the situation Elliott who was late to practice had already notified Dallas Cowboy personnel who were on the scene and had already spoken with the police department before Hill even knew what was happening,” the lawsuit says.

A jury trial is set for February. Hill, who says he’s a Cowboys fan, is seeking at least $20 million. Before including the Cowboys in the lawsuit, Hill sought $1 million from Elliott.

In a written statement, the city of Frisco said the allegation of a cover-up “is false.” Both Elliott and Hill were offered and refused medical treatment, the statement said.

The Cowboys couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.

On the same page of a lawsuit!

Is this why Zeke is in Cabo? Cowboys hiding him out to avoid depositions and media questions? How could I have been this wrong in my blog yesterday.

Also, how the hell is Zeke the one being sued? Isn’t he the one that was injured and “covering” up his concussion. Not this Bernard dude. Ole Bernard didn’t even want medical attention. If anyone should be suing it should be Zeke suing the Cowboys for making him play with the alleged concussion. But now he is getting sued and for $20 million? Bernard’s Honda Accord is at max like $2,500. Sounds like a shake down to me.