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Nolan Ryan Helped Save Justin Verlander

Justin’s words not mine. These comments come after dominating the Indians tonight, tossing seven shutout innings and striking out 13 in the 2-0 shutdown. He came into the game averaging a 5.56 ERA when playing in Cleveland. Glad that problem is fixed.

Cannot even imagine how badass it would be to have Nolan Ryan teach me how to throw a change up. Or do anything for that matter. Maybe even show me how to punch a man in the face? It would probably go something like this:

Oh and in case you didn’t know:


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  • I think Kate Upton should get the credit for saving Justin Verlander’s career! She was the one who said he should agree to the trade to the Astros! It got him a ring, then he put a ring on her finger a week after in Italy! Man up for Kate!

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