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Whataburger Birthday Party #Ad

kxxv.com: LUBBOCK, TX — One Lubbock man knows how to throw a party for his doggos.

Mike Gallagher threw a Whatburger-themed birthday party for his dogs Louis Vuitton and Chanel on July 23. 

Big Lou turned 5 years old. 

The party included a happy birthday banner, balloons, Whataburger sunglasses and more. 

They took their party to a Whataburger in Lubbock, but set up in the back of Gallagher’s car. 

“We’ve got it all decked out,” Gallagher said. “We are ready to party.”

Pretty devastated my invitation got lost in the mail. Would have loved to attended Big Lou and Channel’s b-day bash. Looked fuckin awesome. Fun yet chill. That’s a hard combo to find these days but this good boy and his sister made it look easy.

Go to order: Number 1 with cheese and no onions. Large fries. Coke. Medium chocolate milkshake. Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit. And if I’m really feelin myself, a chicken tender on the side.