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Recruit Bryce “Mountain” Foster Could Single Handedly Win UT A Championship in 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024. Don’t Believe Me, Just Watch This Video:

Told you. Mountain is only entering into his junior year of high school, which I guess would put him at 16 years old? That’s insane. When I was 16, I was making mixtapes, watching Harry Potter and just trying to see over my steering wheel. I definitely was not being called Mountain by my peers and I for sure was not benching 405 fuckin pounds.

Big Bryce “Mountain” Foster does more than just bench sumo wrestlers too, according to his twitter profile he is 6’5″ 320, OG, 4.0 GPA, Shot and Disc JO National Champion, National Record Holder For 15-16 Boys Shot, Disc: 57.04m (187-02) Shot: 19.90m (65-03.5). I mean just watch Mountain throw around the shot put:

Wild stuff. Guy is a beast. But if I do have any criticism for Mountain, it would be he does not look great in green:

Probably should stick to burnt orange, Mountain.

Also, shoutout to the goatee on his coach, majestical:


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