Topgolf Inside A Buffalo Wild Wings Inside The DFW Airport?

dallasnews.com: A new Buffalo Wild Wings planned at DFW International Airport could be the first of its kind with Topgolf inside. DFW Airport board members heard a proposal from a Plano company that wants to build a new concept called BWW Sports Experience powered by Topgolf. 

It’s slated for the mezzanine at Terminal D, in place of the Reata Grill that recently relocated downstairs. It would be the first such combination for the chicken wings restaurant and the interactive golf venue, said DFW Airport vice president of concessions Zenola Campbell. Details on the new restaurant and golf are still being worked out, said airport spokeswoman Cynthia Vega.

I cannot even imagine how many missed flights this will cause. It’s hard enough to leave a buffalo wing behind, imagine the difficulty of leaving wings and a Topgolf game behind just to make a flight to an Atlanta business meeting? Just won’t happen.

It wouldn’t shock me either to see people going to DFW just for a round of beers, wings and Topgolf. Start making bets too, like, winner of a game has to buy everyone a flight to Vegas or the Bahamas? Gambling could get real dangerous real quick inside a Topgolf inside a Buffalo Wild Wings Inside DFW airport.

Also, who thought of this idea? Topgolf? Buffalo Wild Wings? DFW? Or just a couple dudes sitting around their bong, eating wings? Either way, what a fuckin idea. Definitely a win for all parties involved.

UPDATE: I tried to get hooked up with some free wings and a round of Topgolf by DFWAirport herself. Ended up in a whirlwind romance and then got dumped. Love, man.

Honestly, DFWAirport sounds too indecisive for me. I need a ride or die girl. A girl who knows what she has in a man like me. Not this bullshit. You can’t break up with me, I’m breaking up with you, DFWAirport. Thank you, next.