Austin Longhorns

Trouble In ATX?

The first practice of the 2019 season kicked off today for the Horns. It was a beautiful day for football in Austin too; 97 degrees, not a cloud in the sky, Friday, players look ready to go. But that beautiful day turned nasty real quick when I saw this video:

Not a SINGLE kiss by Coach Herman to any of his players. Troubling. We all know Coach Herman is a big kiss guy. It’s his brand. It’s what has made him successful. Just look at these smooches from his time at the University of Houston:

That’s the type of passion that landed him the job at UT. Now his players are greeted with a cold handshake?

Sure doesn’t seem like it, Coach. My sources are saying his failure to kiss was simply because he forgot his Carmex chap stick. Even if I were to believe that, which I don’t, wouldn’t forgetting something as important as his Carmex on the very first day of practices be even more alarming?

Personally, I like to have my coaches prepared and ready for anything. Not remembering to bring a key ingredient of what got you to this position is a big red flag.

To make matters worse, after practice Coach Herman goes and says this to the media:

Bro, what? You don’t believe your team is No. 1 in the Country? If their own coach doesn’t believe in them, how are the players supposed to believe in themselves? This is not the start to the season Horns fans were hoping for when practices kicked off today.


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