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BREAKING: Sam Ehlinger Is Not A Normal College Kid

You mean to tell me a 20 year old who has more money bet on him to win the Heisman Trophy than any other person on this planet, doesn’t live a normal college life?

The same 20 year old who just won “Sportsman Of The Year” in the Austin Monthly?

That guy? The QB1 at the University of Texas? A lock to be drafted in the first three rounds of the NFL draft? Sam Ehlinger? Doesn’t live a normal college life? Yeah, no shit.

You and I may have spent every Tuesday drinking dollar beers at Abel’s or every Thursday taking down H-bombs on Dirty 6th. We may have even gotten a urination in public or two. But not Ehlinger. He wins Sugar Bowl MVPs.

I don’t take that for granted, either. There are a lot of top-rated college athletes who do try to be “normal” kids – but end up being immature assholes who get suspended and hurt their team:

So, it’s awesome to see Sam’s focus, drive, determination and quite frankly, common sense and self awareness. There is no doubt he has the makings to become a legend and bring a Championship back to Austin.

People may say tossing the word “legend” around is pre-mature. But let me point out a stat to you that recently caught my eye:

All five of the other QBs on that list are definitely legends at the schools they went to; Florida, Auburn, A&M, Oregon, Louisville. There’s no reason to think Ehlinger can’t cement himself as one at the University of Texas.

PS: Everyone knows we are big birthday guys over at TexasTakes and yesterday we had a huge one. Ex-Longhorn defensive coordinator, Will Muschamp, celebrated his 48th. Say what you want about Muschamp’s time at UT but the guy never lacked passion and I respect passion:


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  • Lots of talk about Sam being a legend, and even potential Heisman winner. All that talk will go away when the LSU Tigers come to town on September 7th! #PrayForSam #GeauxTigers #ManUp

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