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Texans Training Camp Will Leave You Speechless

Training Camp kicked off last week and for the most part, everyone looked fresh and ready to go:

But there were a few who looked a little slow out of the gates:

But that’s to be expected from Romeo. The guy is 72 years old and has logged 40 years in the league. He’s earned the right to start training camp off slow.

You know who hasn’t earned that right? D’Onta Foreman.

When you’re only in year 3 of your contract and are coming off a season where you had a total of 7 rushes for a total of -1 yards, you probably should be working your ass off. I honestly wasn’t even going to mention Foreman getting waived in this blog because, well, Foreman sucks. But the move is fairly big for two reasons.

One, the Texans do not currently have a GM, which has caused a lot of speculation as to who is going to be making the roster calls. Well, this move answers that question. His name is Coach Bill O’Brien.

Fair warning to all Texans players, don’t get on this man’s bad side or you’ll be following D’Onta’s ass out the door.

The waiver is also big news if you believe the rumors we are trying to acquire Melvin Gordon. While I hope the trade goes down, I just don’t see it happening. It seems pretty clear the Texans are in ride or die mode with Lamar Miller and have repeatedly said they aren’t looking to make any significant roster changes. So, lets move on.

Some of the best news out of camp is there has not been any significant injuries. With Hopkins and JJ starting camp on the PUP list and with our injury history, this is probably the highlight of camp so far. But videos like this do make me scratch my head:

With the season just weeks away is this really the time for JJ to be trying to launch his BMX career?

And should we really be promoting fights with kids and guns? Isn’t this how people get hurt?

Luckily, my sources on the ground confirmed there were no injuries besides some kid who got water in his eye. He’s expected to make a full recovery and may even grow some hair on his chest.

Which brings us today. The biggest day of camp thus far, joint practices. Meaning we finally are going up against another team and the players definitely seemed pumped to be hitting someone other than their own teammates:

Hell, even the refs were feeling themselves:

Dude needs to tighten up his spiral though. Would also love to see a little more zip out of the ball come season.

Anyways, as you may have expected, it was NOT a good day to be a Greenbay Packer:

Greenbay eventually got tired of getting their asses kicked in football and tried to resort to fighting instead. That didn’t work out either:

Deshaun had such an easy time with the Packer’s defense he decided to stay after and do some extra drills. That’s my Quarterback:

Better luck next time, Aaron:

There were also some unusual drills performed at today’s practice. I of course am familiar with the sled drill, but I’ve never seen this one before:

Lastly, it would not be a Texans training camp without JJ being a badass, while also simultaneously making everyone cry:

It also wouldn’t be training camp without JJ giving a cheesy ass Instagram and caption:

But he’s back in his home state of Wisconsin and had a great day of practice so we’ll let the cheesy IG and caption slide.

First regular season game Thursday, set your clocks/DVR:

On 3 on 3; readddddyyy break:

BONUS BLOG: Fantasy Football Sneaker Pick Edition:

Texans starting tight end, Jordan Thomas:

When a 6 foot 6, 280 pound man can do that and not single person is talking about him, it’s the very definition of a sneaker my friends. JT is coming off a solid rookie season where he had to split time with Ryan Griffin. Now with Griffin gone, it looks like JT will be the man at tight end. Our receiving corps is going to be a fucking problem to cover: Hopkins, Fuller and Coutee. Teams will no doubt be double covering Hopkins and will have packages and coverages designed to defend heavily on the rest of our WRs. Leaving my sneaker, JT, wide open. Don’t thank me now, thank me week 12.


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