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Find Me A Bigger Dumbass Than This Eagles Fan

This fucking guy. What an idiot. Who goes all the way out to Oxnard, California to watch a rival team’s training camp practice? While I do hear Oxnard is beautiful this time of year, surely there are better spots to vacay. Every heard of Hawaii, bro?

Even if this dude is from Oxnard, he’s still a complete moron for going to a Cowboys training camp practice wearing an Eagles jersey. I mean, can you be more obsessed with us? The real estate we must have in his head has to be huge. Ocean front property type huge.

To the haters saying the Cowboys fans were too mean to this guy, what the hell do you expect the fans to do? Buy him a beer? He could have just worn a casual white t-shirt or hell even a casual green shirt and people would have been none the wiser. But no, he wanted to make a splash. A real “look at me, look at me” type guy. He wanted the attention and he fucking got it. Unfortunately for him, Nick Foles isn’t anywhere around to save his dumbass this time.



  • Even though he showed up in that Jersey, alot of respect to him. Not a lot of people have the courage to do that. He’s probably getting ready for what it’s going to be like at the eagles vs cowboys game. By the way, Zeke wont be there to hurdle anyone. This will be a bad beat down without the best running back in the NFL.

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