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Zeke Takes A Break From His Cabo Vacay To Give A Message To The Cowboys And The Rest of The League Representatives for running back Ezekiel Elliott have told the Dallas Cowboys that he will not play in the 2019 season without a new contract, a source close to the situation told ESPN’s Josina Anderson on Tuesday.

Heres the problem: The Cowboys aren’t going to take care of Zeke until they have Dak’s contract done. Dak knows he’s the priority which is why he’s at training camp and Zeke is in Cabo chillin on the beach. It’s a QB league. Running backs get treated like chopped liver and Zeke recognizes this fact. But Zeke isn’t just any running back. He’s THE best running back in the league. He’s a Hall of Famer. He’s what makes our offense tick and without him Dak aint doing shit this season. So, maybe Stephen Jones should start acting like it, instead of going on the radio and making comments like this:

Oh really, Stephen? If the offer is so generous then (1) why hasn’t he signed it and (2) why do you go on to say this?

Stephen, a little Contracts 101 for you my man: If one makes a “generous” offer, the offeror usually expect the offeree (the recipient of that offer) to accept it. If you make an offer which you immediately assume is going to be rejected, that is a bad offer. Some would call that a lowball offer. A piss poor offer. Or even a shit offer.

Why? Because people don’t turn down generous offers. I definitely don’t turn down generous offers and I don’t think Zeke does either.

While we have you here at Contracts 101, let me tell you teach you another contract lesson, Stephen. When there are two separate parties each wanting to get a contract signed, you should never go to the media and tell said media that one of those parties is more deserving of the contract than the other. Why? Because the other party (Zeke) is now pissed off and thinks you don’t appreciate his talents and thus are giving him a “shit offer” as we previously learned:

Come on Stephen, be better. Because until you are, Zekes going to continue to chill in Cabo doing shit like this:

While he could be on the field doing things like this:


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