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Sports Illustrated Just Guaranteed Texas A National Championship Appearance

Prior to Ehlinger gracing this month’s cover of Sports Illustrated, only two Texas QBs have ever made the SI cover. Those two QBs:

What happened the years VY and Colt were on the cover of SI? That’s right, they both went on to appear in the National Championship game. Now, its Ehlinger’s turn. You know it, I know it and Sports Illustrated knows it. Ehlinger will be in the National Championship, guaranteed.

Kirk Herbstreit had fans worried too when he tried to curse our National Championship hopes a few weeks ago but just like that, Sports Illustrated reversed that curse. Love it. Thanks, SI. You the real MVP. Those 20/1 odds are starting to look reallll nice again.

By the way, you know who was not on the cover of Sports Illustrated?

That’s why we are the “Mecca of College Football” and schools like Georgia and Clemson aren’t.

Only thing more delicious than a Texas QB returning to the cover of Sports Illustrated, are the haters tears. They fuel my Burnt Orange soul.


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