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A Very Bad Day To Be An A&M Fan On Twitter

Look, it’s never a good day to be an A&M fan. We can all agree on that. But today, was a Top 5 bad day to be an A&M fan, especially one with a twitter account.

I’ve written about our guy Kyle Umlang before but essentially day in and day out, this dude Kyle just kills Aggies and anyone who comes at UT. Doesn’t matter if it’s Sunday morning or a Friday night. Whether you’re 15yrs old or 75. You have 1 follower or 10 million. You come at Texas football, our guy Kyle kills you with a stat.

Well, Kyle was back on his bullshit today.

It all started this morning with a fella named Blinkin Riley, a known OU stat guy. Basically, he’s OUs version of Kyle. I don’t know Mr. Blinkin Riley personally but what I do know is he woke up this morning with hate in his heart for A&M:

Well, Kyle saw this and could not resist to join in on the the beat down. To follow is an absolute bloodbath. If you have kids around, cover their eyes before going any further:

Live look at Kyle:


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