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Is Cole Beasley The Worst Player To Ever Put On A Cowboys Uniform?

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Image result for cole beasley sucks Seven seasons with the Cowboys left Cole Beasley wondering what the big deal was in Dallas. The slot receiver is, so far, finding things are much better in Buffalo.

“It’s the most fun I’ve had playing football in a long, long time, man. Since high school,” the 30-year-old said following a recent practice at the Bills’ training camp site in suburban Rochester, New York.

“I really feel like it’s a respect thing,” he said. “I felt like in Dallas, it was always an uphill battle trying to fight to get them to respect me.”

“I always wanted more there, and they were just like, ‘We don’t do that,”‘ Beasley added. “That’s why I think maybe it’s more fun now, and I can just play free and don’t have to worry. I’m right where I want to be.”

Looking back, Beasley felt constrained in Dallas for various reasons, including the pressures of playing for so-called “America’s Team.”

“It’s like so much weight is on every single play,” he said in comparing the Cowboys to the Bills. “I just feel more free when I’m playing. It’s just back to football. I don’t feel I have to go above and beyond just to prove myself.”

Cole, you want to know why you didn’t get more opportunities in Dallas. Or why no one respected you? Listen closely because I have the answer. Ready? You sucked. 

You were in Dallas for seven fucking years and there is not a catch or a moment that stands out. Respect and Opportunities? Give me a break. The Cowboys took a chance on you when no one else would. They even resigned your sorry ass for SEVEN years. How many more years and opportunities were we supposed to give you, Cole?

Seven was plenty. And you know what came from it? Nothing. You didn’t even sniff being a top 25 WR in the league. And you sure as hell didn’t bring us a Super Bowl.

No one will remember you’re time in Dallas. You’re not going to be a Cowboys legend or get your name in the ring of honor. At best, you’re a trivia question–“who is the shittiest wide receiver in Cowboys history that tricked the Boys into paying him for 7 years?”

Also, lets not forget either that you’re a 5’8″ white dude trying to make it as a rapper:

Maybe the Cowboys just prefer to pay someone millions of dollars who is focused on becoming a Hall of Fame football player not someone trying to win a Grammy? Or someone who looks at football as their number 1 priority. Someone who wouldn’t disrespect his team and the fans by saying football is just a backup to their music career.

By the way, Cole, you know who that someone is? His name is Randall Cobb. And he is already doing things in training camp that you never could:

You having fun now, Cole?

1 catch in BUFFALO sounds real fun dude. 

PS: Happy 52nd Birthday to a TRUE Cowboys legend!