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Coach Herman Refuses To Talk About LSU

Since Coach won’t talk about LSU, I will. But first, lets set the tone:


When the line came out for this game, LSU was -7.5 favorites. This line was set AFTER Texas whooped Georgia’s ass in the Sugar Bowl. So, the disrespect from Vegas was real.

But now with the game just weeks away, that line has dropped all the way down to -1.5 and most likely will be a pick’em come kick off. So, what has changed Vegas’s tone and what should have Tiger fans worried?

Sam Fucking Ehlinger. Don’t try to act like you don’t know who this man is either, Tiger fans.

Y’all know exactly who he is. And y’all know this is his year. Even Sports Illustrated guaranteed he would make it into the Championship game.

I will admit though, if this game was late in the year, I would be a little bit more worried about UT’s chances. Why? Because UT is going to run the hell out Sam this season and Sam welcomes every opportunity he gets to truck stick a linebacker. Just refuses to slide or go out of bounds. The dude is a meathead, he can’t help it. Lives his best life every down. Plays with passion and fury. It’s what has made him great and it’s also what could make him a legend in Austin. Or what could make him a sidelined, injury riddled QB.

Unfortunately for LSU though, this game isn’t late in the year. It’s the second game of the season and Sam is going to be FRESH. He’s been doing nothing this summer but working out and throwing footballs. And he for sure will not be hung over:

As for LSU, year in and year out they always seems to have a big name with Heisman hype: OBJ, Leonard Fournette, Patrick Peterson, Tyrann Mathieu, Jarvis Landry, Derrius Guice, etc. This year though, who do they have? Joe Burrow? I can’t even name a running back or receiver on their team. Is there anyone on defense we’re are supposed to be worried about? None come to mind?

Sorry not sorry LSU, but it looks like Texas has all the big dawgs and HeiSAM front runners now: Sam Ehlinger, Colin Johnson and Caden Sterns.

But if my opinion means nothing to you, I’ll let the facts do the talking:

– Texas is 7-1-1 all time against LSU at home.

-Texas is 6-2 in its last eight games against LSU.

-Texas and LSU have met only once since 2003, when the Longhorns defeated the Tigers, 35-20, in the Cotton Bowl.

– Texas is 37-18-2 all time against SEC opponents.

Very interesting facts.

PS: Lets not forget, LSU will also be playing with an injured Coach:



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