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BREAKING: It’s August 11th And The MLB Season Is Over

We could not and would not stop blasting homers last night. When it was all said and done we had launched 6 of them, stomping the Orioles 23-2.

You sitting down, JJ. It was real. We put up 23 fucking runs in an actual Major League Baseball game. JJ, in football terms that is three touchdowns and a safety.

Just an absolute beat down. Ten different Astros struck hits. Five had three-hit efforts. Yuli Gurriel gave a four-hit night for the fourth time in his major league career. Yordan Álvarez who at this point has cemented himself as Rookie Of The Year, finished with three home runs, hammering his last one in the ninth inning to complete the 23-2 record breaking game.

The Stros have now won eight straight and haven’t lost a game in August. With the bloodbath that was last night, best starting pitching in the league and the absolute heater we’re on, it has people around the league asking: Did the Astros just end the MLB season last night? Should teams not even bother playing out the rest of the year?

Great questions with easy answers. Yes and Yes. Don’t believe me, just ask these dudes: