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Did Brooks Cost Bryson The Northern Trust

For the people who do not follow/bet on golf every weekend, here is the drama.

As you do you probably know, slow golfers are the WORST. Everyone has the friend who lines up his putts like he’s on 18 at Augusta about to win a green jacket. It’s embarrassing.

Fortunately, for professional golfers there are rules. Each player has about three minutes to line up and hit the ball. If you don’t, the rule official can give you a two stroke penalty.

The problem lies with the about and can part of the rule. Because the officials barely enforce it.

Enter, Bryson DeChamSLOW:

Par the course (no pun intended) twitter was giving Bryson shit about being slow.

But here’s where the drama picks up. PGA tour players start chirping back to the twitter account @fantasygoldpod. Not just any players either. Well-known and established golfers, like European legends Luke Donald and Eddie Pepperrell:

The chirping obviously caught wind and made Bryson upset. When speaking to reporters after his third round on Saturday he said:

“We are all trying to do our best to play well and make our livelihoods and win tournaments,’’ DeChambeau said in a passionate 15-minute rebuttal with reporters about the criticism he has received. “But when you start personally attacking people on Twitter, it’s like, ‘Come on, dude. Let’s have some more balls to come up and speak to me to my face about that.’

“I was trying to play my best today despite that and there are certain times where you think about it and you just throw it out of the way and you can’t do much about it.”

“They are sitting on the couches tweeting,” he added later when referencing a pair of European golfers.

Those comments speak for themselves. Bottom line, Bryson heard the haters.

But while he could try to hush the couch haters, he had a real life hater teeing up with him Sunday.

Enter Brooks Koepka.

This Sunday, he and Brooks were paired together. If you’re unaware, Brooks is the face behind the fast play movement. He’s made it very well known he despises slow play and will not stand for it.

Bryson aware of the situation and the tension building up, went directly to Koepka’s caddie this morning:


My stance on this issue:

If you’re going to complain about slow play, Bryson should of course use it against you and play as slow as the rules allow him to play. Mind games. Nothing easier than getting a fast player out of rhythm than playing slow.

However, Bryson is obviously coming off as an insecure, slow golfing, prick going to Brooks (caddie), who hasn’t even said anything to the media and causing drama. Not to mention going after me while I sit peacefully on my couch. So now, you have a giant meathead and me, eating buffalo wings and queso from the couch, pissed off at you. There is no way that doesn’t get in your head.

That does not look like a situation you want to be in.

But it’s hard to say who has the advantage. If it’s going to be a tie in the mental warefare department, I got to go with Brooks. You win multiple majors, date smokeshows and aren’t a slow pace asshole on the course, I’m more often than not going to give you the win on a close call.

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