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Dak Prescott And I Aren’t So Different After All

Today, Dak was offered 30 million dollars a year from the Cowboys and turned it down. Today, I was offered a free Chick-fil-A sandwich from my co-worker and turned it down. So, I can relate. Although, I’m trying to eat healthy during the day so I can grub hard at night. Not really sure Dak’s excuse?

But I won’t speculate. Because a man’s dietary decisions and a man’s willingness to accept a $30 million a year contract are that man’s business.

But being in the Take business, I do have a conflict. While I don’t want to give my opinion on the situation and I refuse to do it, my Take has the power to change minds. I’ve heard from multiple people too that Dak is an avid TexasTakes reader. Regardless, I will not do it.

However, if I were to guess why Dak wants to be the highest paid QB in the league, I would probably point to stats and facts like since becoming the Cowboys starter as a rookie Dak has:

–The second most wins of all QBs in the league, the only QB with more wins….Tom Brady.

–More game-winning drives (14) than any other quarterback.

–The 4th most fourth-quarter comebacks (8) of all QBs.

–More playoff wins than Tony Romo did in his entire career.

Again, Im not going to speculate. Instead, I’m just going to listen to what Dez has to say on the situation. Dez, you got a take?

There it is. If Dez says pay Dak the $40 milly than pay the man $40 milly.

Dak rolling into training camp tomorrow:

By the way, I would be doing myself a disservice if I didn’t mention this contract offer proves my point from last week as to why Dak is at training camp and Zeke is not. It’s a QB league. Dak knows it. Zeke knows. I know it. You know it. The Cowboys fucking know it. They aren’t going to take care of Zeke until Dak’s contract is done. He’s the priority which is why he’s at training camp getting $30 million offers and Zeke is in Cabo chillin on the beach with no legitimate offers.

But wait, is that Zeke music?

While a lot of professional athletes may fly private back from Cabo, not Zeke. He rode in the trunk of a car like the team player he is. That’s why he’s MY running back. Pay up, Jerry!