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Is Texas Football The New Oprah

Eerily similar videos. So much so I think it ends the debate entirely. Texas football is in fact, the new Oprah.

This takes nothing away from Oprah either. The women is a legend. But there’s no way you can watch that video and not believe the torch hasn’t been passed to Coach Herman.

Did you see how happy those guys were? Coach Herman is a natural at it. You know it. I know it. Coach Herman knows it. Oprah knows it. It’s his turn to throw out the gifts and become a legend in his town.

When it was all said and done, three hard ass working walk-ons earned themselves a scholarship today: Cort Jaquess, Russell Hine, and Justin Mader.

While those guys may not get the shine on Saturdays, it’s clear by their teammate’s reactions they’re a big part of what makes the program and the team tick.


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