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Should UT Fans Be Concerned With How Tired And Sluggish The Players Look?

The season kicks off in just a few weeks and the Texas players look absolutely gassed. Concerning to say the least. Has Coach Herman been working the boys too hard? I think this video answers that question.

Not to mention, this happened at practice yesterday:

Players are having to be taken off the field by the EMS? Yikes. Ever heard of an off day Coach? Maybe throw in a team bowling day here or there? Turns out though, it was a minor injury and “journalist” Brian Davis is just a twitter click bait whore:

I mean, for real, Brian. You work for the Austin American Statements and you’re tweeting out shit like you’re a blogger for TexasTakes. Be better, dude.

PS: Is the hypnotized video for real or are the guys just playing along? If they aren’t acting, then that is definitely a red flag. You can’t expect to win a National Championship when you have a magician/hypnosis dweeb putting your entire team to sleep at the snap of his fingers? If I’m LSU, on September 7th I’m using a hard snap count and hoping all the UT players just fall down and to go to sleep. Easiest way to take an early lead. Catch them sleeping as they say.

PSS: Personally, I refuse to believe I could be hypnotized. I’m way too mentally strong for that magic bullshit.


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