Cowboys Dallas

Multiple Cowboys Got Laid Last Night

With voices like that, its no surprise they got lei’d. For those not as well traveled as myself, getting lei’d is a Hawaiian tradition. When you arrive to Hawaii you are greeted with an Aloha and lei. It’s a celebration of sort. For example, if you perform a classic at a karaoke party, you may get greeted with a lei afterwards in a show of appreciation.

This is very different from an American’s use of the term “getting laid.” In America, people would say “he was really killing it on karaoke and this girl at the club took notice. He then took her home and got laid.”

Hawaiian “getting lei’d” is much less sexual than Americas.

But I will say, all this singing and lei’ing does raise the question, should Cowboy fans be worried players are spending all their time singing karaoke and trying to get le’d, rather than practicing football? Personally, I want to see the team preparing for the Rams not preparing to try and get a record deal.

Hopefully, this was just a quick little rookie hazing or a nice little song for the boys after dinner.

Tonight at 7pm on NFL Network, we’ll find out exactly just how much time they spent practicing or trying to get lei’d.