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Breaking: ZEKE IS BACK

About fucking time.

Is Zeke really going to sign before Dak? If so, my entire theory that Jerry wasn’t going to give him a new deal until Dak was taken care of would be complete shit. But, I’m fine with a theory I’ve spent months on being proven dead ass wrong. I’ll make that sacrifice to have Zeke safely back in a Cowboys uniform. My pride fully on the line and I’m willing to say fuck it. That’s the type of team player I am.

Of course though, Zeke flying back to Dallas does not necessarily mean he is going to sign a new deal. Maybe he just used up all his PTO, became fluent in Spanish, ate enough queso, got too sunburn working out on the beach or had enough of outdoor showers. Perhaps he just wanted to get a new nose ring? Everyone knows Dallas has the best nose ring shops.

Either way, having him back in Dallas is one step in the right direction. One step closer to having him off the beach and back on the field.

PS: To Zeke’s credit, Cabo did look fun: