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Does This Look Like The Face Of The Number 1 Strength And Conditioning Coaching Coach In College Basketball?

Sure does.

For those of you who don’t know anything about lifting and being jacked, this is Andrea Hudy, and UT has officially hired her as the Head Basketball Strength and Conditioning Coach. This isn’t just any hire though, Andrea is regarded as the NUMBER 1 strength and conditioning coach in all of college basketball and we just stole her ass from Kansas.

Andrea’s official title at KU was assistant athletic director for sport performance and prior to us snagging her, she had been with the Jayhawks for 15 years.

Considered among the top in her field, Andrea won the National College Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year by the National Strength and Conditioning Association in 2013. She also received the “Impact Award” in 2017 by NSCA, an honor that is given each year to an individual whose career has greatly contributed to the advancement of the Strength and Conditioning industry.

She has been on the cutting edge when it comes to using new technology in the weight room and was the first college strength coach to implement SpartaTrac force plate technologies in 2012, which is now used by more than 80 professional sports organizations across the world. But her specialty, if you will, is her ability to keep players fresh and healthy late into the season.  

Besides her peers and Kansas Head Coach Bill Self being on record as calling Andrea the best strength coach in college basketball, the players love her too:

Former KU forward Perry Ellis had this to say about Andrea:

“Everybody loves her. I mean it happens. It’s business sometimes,” Ellis said of Hudy leaving for a rival school. “There’s never any question … I know I can reach out to her and she’ll help me if I ever need anything.”

Ellis said one of Hudy’s top traits was her willingness to accept players’ requests at any hour of the day or night. She’d work overtime if a player requested help.

“I remember how much she helped me personally, from the standpoint she cares,” Ellis said. “I’d go to her all the time, ask her about certain things I needed help on or was struggling with — or flexibility wise. Every time she was always there and would do anything for you.

Its no secret Shaka has been on the hot seat this past year, so, being able to acquire the top Strength and Conditioning Coach is a huge get for him. Especially considering the fact Shaka’s own boy and UT’s former strength and conditioning coach, Daniel Roose, who spent the last four years in that position, left this off-season to return to VCU.

I’m pumped (no pun intended) to see the energy she brings to the program. Also, as soon as I hear back from Andrea, I’ll let y’all know:


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