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Zeke Was Extorted For Not Taking A Good Enough Selfie Ezekiel Elliott says the security guard he pushed in a Las Vegas altercation demanded $500,000 in an attempt to extort him … this according to police docs obtained by TMZ Sports.

The Dallas Cowboys star’s attorneys say they were emailed a complete list of demands from 19-year-old Kyle Johnson and his father, Kelly Johnson, after Zeke shoved Kyle at the Electric Daisy Carnival last May.

Police docs show Kelly emailed Zeke’s attorneys just days after the altercation with AT LEAST 14 things he wanted from the running back to stay quiet on the incident … including $500,000 cash.

The list of demands featured a public apology from Elliott, a press conference with Elliott and Kyle, $25,000 for the junior college football team Kyle played for, and signed jerseys from Zeke, Amari Cooper and Dak Prescott.

The demands list also included — among several other things — tickets to Cowboys games (both home and road), Ohio State games and a meet and greet with Jerry Jones and his son.

Police docs show one of Elliott’s attorneys responded to Kelly’s email with a phone call … and Kelly claims in that conversation the attorney told him “what [he] was doing was extortion.”

According to the docs, Kelly said after that conversation he decided to take Kyle’s story to the public … allowing Kyle to do an interview with a Los Angeles TV station on May 28.

Kelly and Kyle eventually filed a criminal complaint against Elliott over the incident … but according to the docs, prosecutors felt they could not move forward with charges against 24-year-old Elliott.

There’s more … in the docs, Kyle admits Elliott not only apologized to him after shoving him during the May incident, he gave him a hug and took a picture with him.

In an affidavit from Elliott in the docs, he echoes that story, saying, “I had no intention to push and/or harm or intimidate Kyle Johnson.”

“After Kyle Johnson fell and I was finished speaking with the officers nearby, I immediately apologized to Kyle and he indicated to me that he was not hurt.”

Elliott added, “We gave each other a hug and he asked me to take a picture with him, which I was happy to do as there was never any intention to harm or hurt Kyle.”

Are there any two bigger losers on the planet than Kyle and his daddy, Kelly Johnson? This entire lawsuit/saga smelled of an extortion from the beginning. The Kyle kid had admitted he wasn’t injured by the push but wanted an apology and picture with Zeke. Both were given. Which is why it was weird when he later filed the lawsuit and pressed charges.

Well, turns out Kyle wanted a lot more than just a fucking apology. A half a million dollars!!! What! Get out of here, Kyle! You can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube and say “the selfie and apology was not enough, so, give me $500,000, signed jerseys, seasons tickets and pay my busch league football team $25,000! Oh and if you don’t, I’m going to ask law enforcement to lock you up and throw away the key!”

It doesn’t work that way, Kyle and Kelly.

So, please leave Zeke alone and let him focus on signing a contract and winning the Super Bowl.

PS: I’ve always wondered, did Kyle just forget he signed up to be a security guard at an EDM festival? I mean, the occasional slight push from a patron definitely falls in the job description of security guard, right?