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Hey Jerry, Shut The Fuck Up!

Does anyone like hearing themselves talk more than Jerry Jones. Guy probably listens to an ASMR version of himself reading The Great Gatsby in order to go to bed at night. Ego fucking maniac. Which is fine. Talk all you want about yourself, Jerry, BUT keep my guy Zeke’s name off your lips.

Should someone tell Jerry the Cowboys are in the middle of giant contract negotiations? HEY, JERRY! YOU’RE IN GIANT CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS WITH DAK, ZEKE AND AMARI. There, officially put on notice.

For real though, what is he doing? Jerry’s got what, maybe ten years left to live? The dude is 76 years old, he fucks up these negotations and he’ll be six feet under by the time Cowboys win a Super Bowl, or a playoff game for that matter.

Look, I get running backs are going to get treated like chopped liver. They’re the lowest paid position in the league and the Cowboys most likely aren’t going to get Zeke’s contract done until Dak is taken care of. Zeke recognizes this fact, which is why he’s been in Cabo chilling on the beach and Dak has been at training camp. But Zeke isn’t just any running back. He’s THE best running back in the league. He’s a Hall of Famer. He’s what makes our offense tick and without him Dak aint doing shit this season.

So, maybe Jerry and Stephen Jones should start acting like it, instead of going on TV and making dumbass “Zeke who” jokes or going on raidio and making comments like this:

Jerry and Stephen, I’m going to give you a little Contracts 101 lesson: If one makes a “generous” offer, the offeror usually expect the offeree (the recipient of that offer) to accept it. If you make an offer which you immediately assume is going to be rejected, that is a bad offer. Some would call that a lowball offer. A piss poor offer. Or even a shit offer.

Why? Because people don’t turn down generous offers. I sure as hell don’t turn down generous offers and I don’t think Zeke does either.

While we have y’all here at Contracts 101, Jerry and Stephen, let me teach you two another contract lesson. When there are two separate parties each wanting to get a new contract, you should never go to the media and tell said media that one of those parties is more deserving of the contract than the other. You should definitely not voluntarily go to the media and insult, disrespect and make jokes about one of those parties. Why? Because that other party (Zeke) is now pissed off and thinks you don’t appreciate his talents and thus are giving him a “shit offer” as we previously learned:

However, because we are a fair and unbiased website, I will note that the Jerry stans are trying to say the “Zeke who” joke was taken out of context. So, here is the full clip:

Doesn’t matter to me. He still said “Zeke who?” He’s been in an owner for THIRTY years. Be smarter. Also, while you’re at it, stop with the dumbass analogies, old man: