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Stripe ON Joshua Moore, Stripe OFF Jake Smith

Joshua Moore is wearing jail suit stripes after being arrested for carrying a loaded gun without a license downtown in Austin.

Police allegedly saw Moore on the city’s camera system HALO (eye in the sky video camera) “remove a firearm from his waistband, walk in between two vehicles, appearing to chamber a round by pulling the slide of the gun to the rear, and then place the firearm back into his waistband.”

Officers were able to track down Moore, saying he matched the description of the suspect, and arrested him at gunpoint. While arresting him they found a Glock 19–9mm pistol in his waistband, containing a 30 round magazine with a live round which was loaded into the chamber ready to be fired.

Yikes, Joshua. You’re supposed to be be catching footballs, not catching charges. Now you have a true freshman gunning for your spot and his name is Jake Smith.

Jake came into Austin with a lot of hype but all reports seem to say the same thing: he is absolutely crushing it. So much so, he got to take off his stripe today:

What does it mean to get your stripe off? At the start of the season, every newcomer on the team gets their helmet plastered with a red stripe that runs down the center of their helmet. As Coach Herman says, “it’s a prominent reminder that they’re not quite members of the family yet. They’ve got to go prove it on the practice field and at some point they’ll get that stripe off.”

Personally, I’ve always thought the stripe move was a little cheesy but either way, welcome to the fam, Jake!


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