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PSA To Texas Athletic Department: HELP THE COMMON FOLK OUT

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If you haven’t gotten your tickets to the Texas v. LSU game yet, well, you’re probably fucked.

That’s because the game is now currently listed as the most “in-demand” ticket of the entire 2019 college football season.

According to StubHub, the game is now outselling the previous most demanded ticket, the Notre Dame at Georgia game, by 69%. Nice.

The prices aren’t going to drop either. It’s THE game everyone and their mommas are talking about. Well, everyone except Tom Herman.

Both teams have won their Week 1 games and with the Ehlinger hype train rolling, there is no doubt prices will be even higher by kick off.

But if you’re just a common man like myself, it is absolutely absurd to drop $600 on a shitty nose bleed ticket.

Not to mention, thats really $1,200 because you’ll have to bring your lady with you to the game. So, what should UT do to help us commoners out? This guy Drew R had a great idea:

Let’s make it happen, Texas. Call it the Bull Pen, Hornhub, Bevos Backyard, etc. We’ll work shop the name.

If UT were to give us common fans this, it would 100% be the best fan experience in all of college football. Not to mention bring in a ROWDY crowd to support the Horns.

PS: Here is a breakdown of the top 10 most in-demand college football tickets for the 2019 season, according to StubHub:

  • #1 LSU at Texas on Sept. 7
  • #2 Notre Dame at Georgia on Sept. 21
  • #3 Florida vs. Miami on Aug. 24
  • #4 Auburn vs. Oregon on Aug. 31
  • #5 Michigan at Penn State on Oct. 19
  • #6 Notre Dame at Michigan on Oct. 26
  • #7 Oklahoma vs. Texas on Oct. 12
  • #8 Texas A&M at Clemson on Sept. 7
  • #9 Nebraska at  Colorado on Sept. 7
  • #10 LSU at Alabama on Nov. 9

UPDATE: WE GOT HORNHUB!! Our guy and Texas AD, Chris Del Conti is the man of the people and made it happen. Lets go!


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