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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire ft Kyle Umlang

Kyle was back at it again yesterday from his stat factory. I’ve blogged about Kyle before, which you can read here, but essentially this is Kyle:

Guy brings the heat when it comes to anything stats.

Which then begs the question, can his stats carry over to gambling?

As a guy who loves taking a parlay, the stat he gave out yesterday caught my attention and naturally I went and looked up the odds. Here are my findings:

You put down a $100 parlay on Oklahoma (+162), Georgia (+120), Michigan (+300) and Texas (+500) all making it to the College Football Playoff the payout would be: $13,733.60.

Or, if you are a true Kyle believer, put $7,500 on the parlay and make yourself an instant millionaire: $1,030,020. IMO, it’s actually fairly good odds considering all the teams are powerhouse football programs.

But here is the problem.

While I consider myself a Kyle stan, the issue with the stat is the idea two teams from the Big12 end up in the CFP. Before the Big12 went back to having a Conference Championship, maybe. Now, not a fucking chance. Because in the scenario of both UT and OU having great seasons, they most likely would play in the Big12 Championship game. Exactly like last year. Loser of that game is not going to make the CFP due to recency bias.

I guess you could argue one of them can lose in the Red River Shootout, in this hypothetical we will say OU, then OU goes undefeated the rest of the year but doesn’t make it into the Conference Championship because of a tie-breaker. Texas then wins the Conference Championship game, some crazy shit happens in other Conference Championships and both teams wind up in CFP. I guess this is what the stats are saying could and will happen?

Unfortunately, this is not my only issue with the stat. There is one big thing missing with this stat.


There is no way Clemson doesn’t make it to the CFP. Their schedule is to fucking easy and they are too fucking good. Just ask Alabama.

Regardless, I would not end this blog without giving a lock. So here it is. Bet the farm on it. This is the team who will NOT win a National Championship at -50,000:

Get rich, folks!


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