Austin Longhorns

Is Will Baker The Next UT Lottery Pick?

If you didn’t know who Will Baker was until now, the dude is an absolute BEAST.

I’ve heard whispers since this kid was in middle school that he’ll be the best basketball player to ever have come from Austin. People saying Baker’s a legend. A surefire NBA player.

But there’s no more whispers now. He’s got stud NBA players tweeting about him being a lottery pick. I don’t disagree either, look at the highlights for yourself:

His handles are absolutely absurd for a 7 footer. And that 3 point shot? Fuck, man. Honestly, to me, he looks more skilled than Turner, Allen, Bamba and Hays. If he puts on some more weight and muscle, which he will now that we have the No.1 Strength Coach in the country, HE IS GOING TO BE A PROBLEM.

Haters will say these highlights are against kids half his size. But here’s footage of Baker dominating top ranked 6a schools:

It’s pretty crazy UT has had lottery picks the last four years. Unfortunately, we really don’t have much to show for it. But with Andrew Jones coming back and Will Baker coming in, let’s hope they can change that.

PS: While doing my due diligence on this blog, I came across this picture of Shaka:

Bro. Clean it the fuck up. You’re being paid millions of dollars a year and you’re touring around a top recruit in Abercrombie & Fitch cargo shorts? Embarrassing. Respect the program and respect yourself. If you can’t do either, at least respect fashion.