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Who’s The Captain

Can anyone name the one captain who is not a senior? That’s right, it’s this guy:

At just 20 years old, there’s no question Sam is now the face and leader of the biggest football program in the country. I don’t think there is anyone less surprised than Sam either.

In every step and aspect of his life, he’s found himself being thrusted into a leadership position.

He became the man of his household at just 14, after his father tragically passed away competing in an iron man race. Then a year later, he was catapulted into the leadership role at powerhouse Westlake High School, being named the starting quarterback as just a sophomore. This does not happen at Westlake. Drew Brees and Nick Foles, both Westlake alums and Super Bowl MVPs, did not start at Westlake until they were juniors.

Sam did more than just start too, he broke every QB record that exists at Westlake. By the time he was a junior, he had offers from all over the country but did not go on a single visit. He knew his calling and knew exactly where he wanted to be, Texas.

In only his second game as a true freshmen at UT, he took the reigns as QB1 and hasnt looked back. It’s no secret there’s been ups and downs during his first two seasons as a Longhorn, no bigger downer than the Big 12 title game loss to Oklahoma when Sam threw an interception that ended Texas’s final drive. After that game though, Sam made not just a statement but a guarantee: I will make it my mission for this team or this school to never feel this disappointment again.

So far, he’s been a man of his word. Going on to win the Sugar Bowl/Sugar Bowl MVP and working his ass off this offseason to earn himself the role as team captain as just a junior.

With the season now ten days away, Sam is clearly ready.

I’m ready.

You’re ready.

Now, lets see if anyone else is ready for us.

Side note, yesterday I wrote the “stripe off” move by Coach Herman was cheesy. A pee wee/pop warner football move. But, I do like this:

A classy and simple gesture that goes a long way. Lets the parents know the coach and football program not only cares about their child but also cares about their family as well.


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